The Pink Figgy | Interview with Meredith Collins

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photo by Tiffany McClure, courtesy of Meredith Collins

If you haven't been following The Pink Figgy on Instagram, you are missing out!  She is a rare Nissan Figaro, a car made exclusively for the Japanese market. You can find her parked all over downtown Charleston and you can't help but turn your head when you see her!  The car is available for use as a photography prop - weddings, bridal portraits, senior pictures, anniversaries, girls trips - the possibilities are endless! I will be offering the car rental as an add-on for my Charleston portrait sessions. Meredith Collins, the owner of the Pink Figgy, recently did a virtual sit down with me so we could all learn more about her and her dreamy pink car!

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photo by The Happy Bloom, courtesy of Meredith Collins

Sarah:  When did you get The Pink Figgy/where did you find her?

Meredith: I first spotted the Figaro on a trip to London, and instantly fell in love. Four months later, I had one. Sounds effortless, however, getting my hands on one was no easy feat! Only 20k were made in 1991, and they were sold exclusively in Japan. The demand was so high, they resorted to a lottery system. In 2016, the import restrictions had expired, and I was able to find someone in the States who had imported the car from Japan. The rest, as they say, is history :)

S: How did you get the idea to use her as a photography prop? Do you have a background in photography?

M: My intention with the car was to always use it as a prop.  My husband and I owned and operated three vacation rentals in town. We mostly hosted large groups of women, who always wanted to know where they could take pictures with pretty backdrops. After noticing this trend of women's getaways - bachelorettes, college reunions, mom's weekend away, etc., coupled with the fact that Charleston is a popular wedding destination, the idea as born to get a cute, vintage car to rent as a prop.

S:  Do you get a lot of attention when you drive around downtown?

M: Yes, she is quite the head-turner and a burgeoning local celebrity. Every time I'm on the road, I get stopped, followed, or waved down. You can hear shouts of, "FIGGY" as I pass. One doesn't have to be a car person, or like pink; there's just something about her that elicits joy and happiness.

S:  Is there a favorite photo session you've been a part of?

M:  Ha - this is like asking "Who's your favorite child?" The emotional side of me has enjoyed being a part of people's special moments. Everything from weddings, engagements, senior portraits, and special birthdays. I've also enjoyed the editorial/print/medial side. Seeing Figgy featured in big publications like Vogue, Style Me Pretty, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Weddings, Charleston Wedding Guide, and being featured in books (Tatertot & Shadow Charmed by Charleston, and another one in the works), is confirmation that my idea of a little pink car was a good one!

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photo by Amy and Jordan Demos, courtesy of Meredith Collins

S:  Anything clients need to know before renting?

M: The car is on the smaller size, and although it technically has a back seat, it really can only accommodate a small child comfortably. Due to this, I only allow two people inside the car at one time. Clients are allowed to lean on the car (provided any material that may scratch the car is secure), and can kneel on the back seat. No kneeling/ standing on the front seats, no lying on the hood. Individuals over 6' may have difficulty getting in the back seat. Rates vary based on a number of things - date, location, number of people involved, duration, etc. Please inquire for more info.

S:  Where can people find you? (website, IG, etc.)

M: For more information, please head to or you can email me at thepinkfiggy [at] Although I have a social media presence on FB, TicTok and Pinterest, I am most active on IG, as I do not post often on the other platforms. IG: @thepinkfiggy

Thanks, Meredith, for sharing your story!  Be on the lookout for The Pink Figgy around town, and keep her in mind for your next photo session.

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