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I read about Pampas & Picnics in Charleston Magazine and reached out immediately to find out more.  This is a female-owned company that my clients need to know about!  Christine England sets up beautiful picnic spreads around town - from the beaches to Charleston parks to your own living room!  I photograph surprise proposals, micro weddings and parties each year and this is exactly the kind of business that can make those experiences even more memorable. Keep reading to learn more about Christine and her incredibly cool picnic concept!

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Sarah: How did you come up with the idea for Pampas & Picnics? What is your background?

Christine: My background is in events which led to experiential marketing. Basically I created, designed or built out events to make brands come to life + build relationships with consumers. Pampas + Picnics happened during COVID. We moved here from Los Angeles + I was watching my friends do cool things while their entire city was closed for months on end. As I started researching I saw people in Australia + various parts of the country doing something similar. I LOVED IT! I love connecting with people. So often we get too busy + then it's too late. It just seemed smart!

Sarah:  What is the most popular location for a picnic (the beach?)?

Christine:  I would say it's a 50/50 split between the beach + the parks. You would be surprised how many people dislike beach sand.

Sarah: What has been your most memorable picnic experience?

Christine:  Ohhh gosh there have been so many good ones. We've had everything from couples on the brink of divorce trying to reconnect to full blown picnic weddings. At the end of the day though I am gonna have to go with the tea party for a 5 year olds birthday. It rained that day so we ended up doing it indoors in their downtown Charleston townhome + it couldn't have been more perfect!

Sarah: What should clients know before booking a picnic?

Christine: Always give me an idea of the perfect scenario + include preferred date, location and most importantly # of people. All of it plays a factor.

Sarah: What can people expect at a pop-up picnic?

Christine: You show up, enjoy + then LEAVE! Each picnic includes a set-up and break down of equipment (which is roughly 150lbs of equipment often dragged out in beach sand lol). We do not skimp! Our picnics include actual rugs layered, a low table, dining sets (complete with flatware, plates, chargers, cups), themed table decor, bluetooth speaker, conversation starter game, pampas, candles and lots of pillows. As a thank you we give bottled water + a light snackboard. We have add-ons like rattan beach chairs, macrame or fringe umbrellas, etc. to customize your experience.

Sarah: Where can people find you?

Christine:  Website/social/etc. They can always go to our website or on FB, IG or Tiktok @pampasandpicnics

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Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your awesome Charleston business, Christine!

South Carolina Photographer | Sarah Goldman Photography

Charleston, SC

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