Welcome to the Front Steps Project!

The Inspiration:

We are over a week into social distancing with no end in sight. One positive thing is families are at home together. As a family photographer, I wondered how I could use my skills to bring some joy to my neighborhood. I have been inspired by @carasoulia in Boston, MA @followgreg in Cary, NC @christinehamrickphoto on Sullivan’s Island and many others who are spreading joy (and NOT the Coronavirus!) to their neighbors.

The Details:

#theFrontStepsProject aims to bring communities together (virtually and with strict social distancing) in a time when we are all isolated. Beginning Tuesday March 24th (and for as long as I’m able due to evolving guidelines) I will be taking 5-minute portraits of families on their front porches. I will email the digital file to you within a few days. Absolutely no fee or catch, but please consider making a donation to Arlington Food Assistance Center or Calvary Women’s Services (or another charity that is helping those in need during this difficult time.) Portraits will be taken outside with a long lens from at least 10 feet away. Pets included. This is not a typical family portrait session - feel free to come as you are, wear PJs, mismatched clothes - anything goes! Let’s document this unique time spread some joy in our neighborhood! Click the link below to fill out the form and  sign up. 

Update: I am not currently booking due to the stay-at-home order, but feel free to sign up and get on the waitlist once it's lifted. Until then, follow along on Facebook and Instagram!

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